Okay, Okay — The Name Thing

If you call me Cindy, you’d bet­ter be some­one from my fam­i­ly of origin—and it’s real­ly only safe if you’re old enough to have changed my dia­pers. If nei­ther of those applies, you’re in trouble.

If you call me Cyn, you almost cer­tain­ly met me online.

If you call me Cyn­thia, we’ve prob­a­bly worked together.

If you call me Cyn­Lyn or Cyn­thia­Lyn, you met me on AOL in the ear­ly 90s.

If you call me FlameOpal, you met me on AOL around 1994–1995.

If you call me TLA CYN, you worked Tech Live with me on AOL.

If you call me Prof­Cyn or Teach­Cyn, you worked the home­work help room with me on AOL.

(I had oth­er AOL screen names, but I can’t remem­ber them now because I did­n’t use them much.)

If you call me Tech­noMom, you met me online dur­ing or since 1995 or worked with me at MindSpring.

If you call me Tara, you’ve played in one of sam­bear’s D&D games in the last few years.

If you call me Annabelle, you played Mage with us.

If you call me Seau­claire, you’ve played in one of sam­bear’s more recent D&D games.

If you call me Mrs. Hall, you’re 17 years out of touch with me.

If you call me Mrs. Armis­tead, you’re either mak­ing assump­tions about my mar­i­tal sta­tus, or you missed the divorce a decade ago.

If you call me Mrs. Smath­ers, you knew me dur­ing a VERY brief mar­riage in the mid-90s — and you’re prob­a­bly look­ing for hus­band v.3 anyway.

If you call me Ms. Armis­tead-Smath­ers, you’re prob­a­bly some­one in the press who wants an interview.

(And the form design­ers of the world should all be very hap­py that I dropped those sur­names except for the one I share with my daughter.)

If you call me Mrs. Chupp, you’re mak­ing assump­tions again — and prob­a­bly try­ing to sell me something.

If you call me Ms. or Mrs. Hilde­brand, you’re 1) call­ing from the step­kids’ school to tell me one of them is in trou­ble (not an issue since they moved); or 2) are an idiot look­ing for sam­bear’s ex-wife.

If you call me Miss or Ms. Rober­son, you do busi­ness with my parents.

There are oth­ers, but they’re pri­vate and this is a pub­lic post.

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Cyn is Rick's wife, Katie's Mom, and Esther & Oliver's Mémé. She's also a professional geek, avid reader, fledgling coder, enthusiastic gamer (TTRPGs), occasional singer, and devoted stitcher.
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