sam­bear: “For pagans, we sure do have a lot of Christ­mas stuff.”
tech­nomom: “Okay, I’ll re-label the box­es to say ‘Yule.’ ”

Actu­al­ly, it’s both­er­ing me that shad­owkatt did­n’t get an East­er bas­ket this year. Yeah, I know—she’s 13. She has­n’t said any­thing about it. It isn’t a reli­gious hol­i­day we observe. But really—what do East­er bas­kets and can­dy have to do with the Chris­t­ian stuff for most people?

We’ll just have a Pagan Sug­ar High cel­e­bra­tion soon to make up for it. Mebbe we can fig­ure out God­dess can­dy molds or something.

We’re about to leave with a truck­load of stuff. I’ll be dri­ving ToD, since my legs fit bet­ter than sam­bear’s do. shad­owkatt’s long legs have to be tossed over Sam’s lap, though, or we don’t all fit. It’s quite an inter­est­ing pic­ture. I’m glad things are cool­ing down out­side because we’re going to be using that good ol’ 260 air conditioning.

I just fig­ured out a cre­ative solu­tion to a fur­ni­ture place­ment conun­drum posed to me by curiousmay9. Yay!

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