Happy Almost-Monday?

Well, by the time I hit “post entry” it will be Mon­day, I suppose.

Sam and I got lots done today, and unlike too many “lots done” days, we end­ed up with pri­vate spaces that are imme­di­ate­ly much nicer as a result. Impor­tant papers were found, stuff was moved from clos­et to attic stor­age, some clothes were weed­ed out to be Freecy­cled, and there’s one less piece of fur­ni­ture in our crowd­ed room but we have more draw­er space for our clothes, anyway.

I still have papers to shuf­fle, but I can do that while he’s at work tomorrow.

It’s been love­ly hav­ing him home this week. Of course, he spent most of that time with Genevieve, and I prob­a­bly saw less of him than in a nor­mal week, but it was a more relaxed week.

We’re argu­ing with the auto insur­ance com­pa­ny regard­ing their val­u­a­tion of the van and would appre­ci­ate any tips from peo­ple who’ve suc­ceed­ed in that realm. The val­ue they’re assign­ing it is $3000 less than the exact same van is sell­ing for else­where, but they want to say that only vehi­cles being sold with­in 50 miles count! It’s an old­er, con­ver­sion van, and there aren’t any being sold clos­er than 450 miles. 

Their val­u­a­tion does­n’t include the con­ver­sion at all, but even with­out it, they’re about $2k short of the mar­ket value.

From our research, the van should­n’t be totaled at all, because it is worth a lot more than the val­ue they’re giv­ing it. That means a lot more delay in get­ting it back or replac­ing it, though, and more time with three dri­vers and two vehi­cles. We’re push­ing to get a rental again while they clear up the dis­crep­an­cy, but I’m not count­ing on get­ting it!

I don’t have the ener­gy for this con­flict, but I don’t have the mon­ey to let them short us $3k on the van, either.

Sam and Genevieve explored the Botan­i­cal Gar­dens yes­ter­day. curiousmay9 and I raid­ed the library, did a lit­tle shop­ping, and enjoyed a very good Chinese/Japanese din­ner. We watched Ban­dits after we got home. 

I’ve seen it men­tioned as a movie with def­i­nite poly ele­ments, and that’s def­i­nite­ly the case. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I might, just read­ing the descrip­tion. It’s worth a few hours of your time.

Night, y’all!

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