OKCupid Complaint

I just sent this off to OkCupid. They don’t guarantee any kind of response, and I don’t expect to get one. It is, after all, a “free” (in exchange for seeing a shitload of Google Adsense text) service.

I was, however, annoyed enough with their arbitrary actions that I childishly decided to post the message here.

The photo in question is the same one that’s the icon for this post. That’s my face, dammit!

I logged in to my account today in response to an email about new people in my area. I found that I had received a message in my OkCupid mailbox on 2/12, which was news to me. I hadn’t received a notification email about the message. My mail server hasn’t had any downtime that I’m aware of, and if it had a brief blip, it certainly hasn’t had an outage long enough for any properly-configured mail server to have stopped trying to send me an email.

If it were just some random flirt, two days wouldn’t really matter, but this was a “system message.” It claimed that “many users” (how many is “many” anyway?) had stated that one of my pictures was badly cropped, not of my face, not me, etc. The picture in question was supposed to be included, but there was just a missing image symbol on the page.

The system had already deleted the picture in question. The message hadn’t said anything about doing that. Does it happen automatically? Did it happen after a certain number of hours?

The picture in question WAS of me. It was of my face. It was perfectly clear and cropped in a very sedate manner. There wasn’t anything unclear about it.

It was a portrait of me and was based (as its caption said) on one of the other photos in my profile (that photo is still there). The portrait is recognizably me. That’s what my partner, who had it painted, wanted when he commissioned it!

I can’t find any rules that say that only photos are permitted, although the section is called “photos” now. I don’t remember if it has always been called that or not, but the portrait had been part of my profile pretty much since I created the profile two years ago!

Have the rules changed since I created my profile and uploaded the portrait, or is someone just being an ass? Is there a rule against uploading anything but photos?

Now I’m wondering if OkCupid is going to add asinine policies like those that Yahoo! has put in place, which say that only monogamous people who are not currently involved with anyone else are welcome there.

I’m sure they’re just shaking in their boots. Right. But at least I got it out of my system.

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