LJCrush Wasn’t Bad Enough? (Oh — It’s the Same Guy)

That Mag­ic Crush thing? The guy words it as a “prac­ti­cal joke.” Yeah, right. If you sign up, he sends you a link to dis­trib­ute to your friends — and a dif­fer­ent link so that you can go to see any­thing your friends entered after fol­low­ing the link you pub­lished. Not very friend­ly, now is it?

OKCupid Complaint

I just sent this off to OkCu­pid. They don’t guar­an­tee any kind of response, and I don’t expect to get one. It is, after all, a “free” (in exchange for see­ing a shit­load of Google Adsense text) ser­vice. I was, how­ev­er, annoyed enough with their arbi­trary actions that I child­ish­ly decid­ed to post the mes­sage here. […]


Any­body else using Omea Read­er as an RSS read­er? It does news­groups, keeps up with book­marks and web clip­pings, too, but I’m most­ly using it as an RSS read­er because it does that bet­ter than Thun­der­bird did. Any­way, it isn’t what I was look­ing for, pre­cise­ly. I want a true offline RSS read­er, that’ll save the […]


I’ve seen this all over the place, so I can’t real­ly cred­it where I got it: If there is some­one on your friends list who makes your world a bet­ter place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) with­out the inter­net, then post this same sen­tence in […]

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