Well, the post isn’t, but if you have to worry about such things, check out the Firefox extension worksafer. The author has set up a service on his server to allow users to vote on sites as being SFW or…

In OkCupid’s favor

Ever used their “Stranger Arranger” thingy? I had stopped clicking on it, as the last few times I’d looked, I was “matched” with deleted profiles. Not flattering. They must have fixed something though, and how! Current Mood: 😉flirty

OKCupid Complaint

I just sent this off to OkCupid. They don’t guarantee any kind of response, and I don’t expect to get one. It is, after all, a “free” (in exchange for seeing a shitload of Google Adsense text) service. I was,…


Anybody else using Omea Reader as an RSS reader? It does newsgroups, keeps up with bookmarks and web clippings, too, but I’m mostly using it as an RSS reader because it does that better than Thunderbird did. Anyway, it isn’t…

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