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I’m really posting just because I wanted to use my new icon. Thanks tommydiablo! Not that the icon has anything to do with this particular post. Thankfully.

Katie is wholly addicted to Daria. I’m blaming kellinator. Just because I can. Well, really because I’d never heard of Daria before I started trying to figure out who that person in Kell’s icon was. But there’s still not that much TV here. Just more than there was before. Dangit.

Laundry is going. Dishwasher is going. And I vacuumed upstairs again. I really need to do the ironing. I’ve been avoiding it WAY too long. And after Labor Day, sambear has to go back to wearing dress shirts, so ironing has to be a weekly (at least) thing again. But hey, I already have a nasty headache, so I might as well do something nasty like ironing, right?

Gaming tonight with James. Sunday night with Brenda. And Monday we get to go see ga_sunshine! Yay!

Last Friday afternoon I suddenly lost the ability to hear WABE (FM 90) anywhere near home. I was in the car with G and we were listening and suddenly it fuzzed out. As of yesterday, I can hear it in the car, but none of the radios in the house will pick it up. WABE has no idea why—they say nothing has been changed at all. I’m missing my fix. And we’re really close to the tower, so it really seems odd that we can’t pick it up.

I seem to recall that both public radio stations can be heard on SAP on the public TV stations. But for some reason, I can’t get the SAP anymore. I wonder if that’s due to the cable box? I was able to get it before. Or maybe they stopped broadcasting it that way.

I know, I could listen to the webcast. I don’t want to. And to hear it on decent speakers, I’d need to run the line from the computer back over to the stereo. Which means finding that line. I don’t know where it is at the moment. And for some reason, the AUX port on the stereo is all fuzzy, so I’d have to unhook the video part, and I don’t want to do that, either. It isn’t a great stereo, but it’s better than the TV’s speakers.

Yeah, a really piddling thing to fuss about. Here we are with a bunch of other radio stations, plenty of CDs, MP3 files, a bunch of music stations through the cable TV that we hardly ever listen to, and I want one particular radio station more than I did before because I can’t get it. But it is the only way to hear “The Thistle and Shamrock” around here.

R is still home. I’ll have to go up to the school this afternoon and get his assignments so he can catch up over the long weekend, or he’ll really be slammed on Tuesday. He’s sleeping. He isn’t happy that “sick mode” doesn’t include video or computer gaming. If you’re too sick to go to school, you can sleep, read, or maybe watch some TV—but that’s it. But if you have enough energy to play Starcraft or use the Playstation, you should be able to go to school. From what he says about his classes, most of them seem to involve less challenge than the games. But if he just got to sit here and play video games, he’d be “sick” forever.

Current Music: New Wave channel on TV. Sounds like The Police.
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