Friday Six

The Friday Five as posted by glenn5. But there are six today.

1. What colour eyes did the very first person you ever kissed have?

Blue. I think. Malcolm and first grade were a long time ago.

2. Where/when did you first see a person of the opposite sex naked (that you can recall)?

At home. My dad was pretty casual about closing bathroom doors when I was really small.

3. How was your VERY FIRST time?

To have sex? Unsatisfying.

4. What was your very first post (if you post to SDMB, if not, then LJ. Link us, please).

Wow. A reason to use that Calendar View thing. May 12, 2002.

5. Tell us about the very first person you had a crush on.

Um. Probably Chris. We played superhero make-believe games when I was 4 – 5. He was always SuperMan. And his mother was a Tupperware lady. And they had a mimosa tree in their yard. They lived across the street and over one house from us.

6. What color eyes did the most recent person you kissed have?

sambear‘s eyes are sorta changeable, but hazel is a pretty good description.

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