Know Any?

I just saw a help-wanted ad seeking a “help desk garou.” So if you know any werewolves seeking employment, tell them it’s in Atlanta. But they’ll have to work with Windoze users, more’s the pity.

Realities Crashing

Oh. My. God. Our landlord’s wife called today to tell us that they’re going to Dragon Con tonight “to have a look around.” And they wanted to meet up with us there. These are astonishingly vanilla people. Seriously. Extremely. sambear…

Friday Six

The Friday Five as posted by glenn5. But there are six today. 1. What colour eyes did the very first person you ever kissed have? Blue. I think. Malcolm and first grade were a long time ago. 2. Where/when did…

Missed Photo Op

I do wish the webcam were working. Mica discovered my mostly-empty coffee cup and has developed a taste for Suisse Mocha (which will not be indulged, as I cannot imagine it would be good for him). I’ve had plenty of…

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