Know Any?

I just saw a help-wan­t­ed ad seek­ing a “help desk garou.” So if you know any were­wolves seek­ing employ­ment, tell them it’s in Atlanta. But they’ll have to work with Win­doze users, more’s the pity.

Realities Crashing

Oh. My. God. Our land­lord’s wife called today to tell us that they’re going to Drag­on Con tonight “to have a look around.” And they want­ed to meet up with us there. These are aston­ish­ing­ly vanil­la peo­ple. Seri­ous­ly. Extreme­ly. sam­bear told her…

Friday Six

The Fri­day Five as post­ed by glenn5. But there are six today. 1. What colour eyes did the very first per­son you ever kissed have? Blue. I think. Mal­colm and first grade were a long time ago. 2. Where/when did you first…

Happily Boring Life

I’m real­ly post­ing just because I want­ed to use my new icon. Thanks tom­my­di­a­blo! Not that the icon has any­thing to do with this par­tic­u­lar post. Thank­ful­ly. Cur­rent Music: New Wave chan­nel on TV. Sounds like The Police.

Missed Photo Op

I do wish the web­cam were work­ing. Mica dis­cov­ered my most­­ly-emp­­ty cof­fee cup and has devel­oped a taste for Suisse Mocha (which will not be indulged, as I can­not imag­ine it would be good for him). I’ve had plen­ty of…

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