Daddy Update

Thank you SO much for all the prayers, good thoughts, and ener­gy you sent.

Dad­dy does­n’t seem to have had a heart attack, but it’s like­ly there’s some kind of block­age. He refused to be admitted—against all advice, plead­ing from all of us, etc. 

He goes back in the morn­ing for a fast­ing cho­les­terol test and a stress test. I’m hop­ing they fig­ure out what’s wrong.

He has a two-pack-a-day cig­a­rette habit. He’s “only” been smok­ing since he was sev­en years old.

I left when my broth­er (the doc­tor) and his wife arrived—there were too many vis­i­tors at that point, and I knew Matt would be more like­ly to talk sense into Dad­dy than I would. 

Matt even called a car­di­ol­o­gist friend (Mat­t’s in ortho­pe­dics). His friend said that he has nev­er known of a patient with those symp­toms and risk fac­tors, at that age, being released.

At least Matt will be in the house tonight if any­thing does happen.

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