Fall Semester

I’m reg­is­tered for fall classes—yay! I’m tak­ing them all in my major area, and I’m going to try (again) to take a full load. The cours­es are:
Foun­da­tions of Tech­ni­cal Communications
Foun­da­tions of Graphics
Fun­da­men­tals of Web­site Design
Med­ical Communications

I have a back­ground in health insur­ance claims man­age­ment and med­ical tran­scrip­tion, so I’m hop­ing that will give me a leg up on the med­ical com­mu­ni­ca­tions course. I’ve done lots of web­site design so that should­n’t be too hard. I feel like I need the Foun­da­tions of Graph­ics course soon­est, because a lot of stuff in oth­er cours­es assumes you’ve already had it. (I’ve long described myself as “graph­i­cal­ly impaired.”)

I’m not hon­est­ly sure how the Foun­da­tions of Tech­ni­cal Com­mu­ni­ca­tions course dif­fers from the tech­ni­cal writ­ing course I had for the sum­mer semes­ter, but appar­ent­ly, it does. There’s no descrip­tion in the cat­a­log for last year, and this year’s cat­a­log isn’t out yet.

Would­n’t you think that the fall cat­a­log would be out before fall reg­is­tra­tion begins? I cer­tain­ly would.

Any­way, I have one pro­fes­sor for three class­es and anoth­er for the fourth. I haven’t met either of them, as they weren’t teach­ing this summer.

My advi­sor did say that the sum­mer pro­fes­sor had told him I’m “extreme­ly sharp” so I guess I could­n’t have had too bad a grade in that course.

I don’t like tak­ing cours­es in the evenings, because I want to be home when sam­bear is there. I could­n’t real­ly avoid it this time though, so I’ll be there two nights a week and have day cours­es two days a week. But no class­es at all on Fridays!

All four cours­es are list­ed as “Hybrid courses—less than half of instruc­tion will take place online.” It’s an exper­i­ment, but I’m hop­ing it goes well and we don’t have to meet phys­i­cal­ly too often.

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