I’m Sad

It’s always easier to focus on other people’s problems than our own, and something I read this morning is weighing on my mind.

Someone sent a message to a homeschooling list this morning, with the subject line of “Anybody Want a Baby?” I figured she was kidding, but she isn’t—not at all.

The aunt of a baby she’s adopting (a sorta-distant relative of her own) visited her yesterday. She’s pregnant for the third time.

When she was pregnant with the second child (now 6 months old), she’d spoken to an adoption agency, telling them she wanted to place the child for adoption. After he was born, they told her they hadn’t actually looked for a placement, because black boys “aren’t very adoptable.”

She wants to give this child up for adoption, but won’t do so unless he or she definitely has a loving home lined up. She’s about 4 months along in the pregnancy.

I definitely think she’s doing the right thing. But I’m upset that ours is a world in which an adoption agency says we don’t have a placement for your healthy infant because of his gender and the color of his skin! If I were in a place to adopt both of those children, they’d be mine.

Edit: If you’re seriously interested in offering a home for this child, give me an email address and I’ll forward the email so you can contact the family.

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