curiousmay9 is out see­ing oth­er sweet­ies, and sam­bear is gam­ing with the gang of teens in the liv­ing room, so I’ve had a few hours of time to myself.

I want some of them back, though. I final­ly watched Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, since Sam seemed to think it impor­tant. Damn. How did that whin­er go on to be Mr. Badass? Ami­dala must have had some severe code­pen­den­cy issues to get involved with him at all.

Sam got the Read­er­ware serv­er run­ning on the Lin­ux box—yay! That allows all of us to access the book/video/audio data­bas­es. I’ve been updat­ing the video data­base this evening and clean­ing it up a little.

I can’t find an image for one DVD that’s in the library. Just one. Ama­zon does­n’t even have an image for it. Net­flix does­n’t car­ry it. It’s both­er­ing me way out of proportion—I mean, who cares if there’s an image? Except that I do, because there’s an image for every OTHER video in the database. 

I’m sur­prised that there isn’t a field for the num­ber of discs for a par­tic­u­lar item, so I added a cus­tom field for that info and went through fill­ing in the values. 

Next up: fix­ing the cat­e­gories. The stuff pulled from Ama­zon when I used the auto-cat­a­log fea­ture is incon­sis­tent and gets over­ly detailed. “Tele­vi­sion : By Decade : 1990s and New­er : Gen­er­al” is just silly.

I don’t deny my OCD. When it comes to things like this, it’s an asset.

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