Piano! Piano!

What you can’t see right now (well, unless you’re part of my house­hold) is the enor­mous smile on my face because the piano is here! It sounds dread­ful­ly bright, but it is here! My sam­bear, who HATES shift­ing fur­ni­ture around for any rea­son at all, must tru­ly love me. Because the amount of shift­ing required to fit a piano, three book­cas­es, and an enter­tain­ment center/room divider into our already-very-full house is sig­nif­i­cant. And my dad, rasilio, _starrgirl_’s father and sis­ter, and our friend James are won­der­ful­ly helpful.

The office and liv­ing areas and mas­ter bed­room are still suf­fer­ing from some chaos. Bren­da will be here for gam­ing at 4 pm. I fig­ure that as long as we can get to the gam­ing books and find clear places to sit by then (she was warned about what we’re doing), we’ll be okay.

We did­n’t get the net­work cabling done, so the PC that will be in our bed­room is sit­ting on top of the file cab­i­net right now. It was too wet to be up on a high lad­der attach­ing cabling to the out­side of the house or any­thing like that. But the desk is in the bed­room. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the exer­cise bike thingy did­n’t get into James’ car before he left, so it is some­what home­less and knock­ing around the house. And I real­ly want­ed the wiring done to facil­i­tate sam­bear’s writ­ing. Hope­ful­ly, it won’t be too much longer—go away, trop­i­cal storm!

The lit­tle pegs that hold some of the book­shelves in place in one of the book­cas­es dis­ap­peared some­where between my par­ents’ place and here. We have more, and they’re just that much too large. So I guess I’ll be going to Home Depot or a sim­i­lar place tomor­row in quest of such things.

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