Piano! Piano!

What you can’t see right now (well, unless you’re part of my household) is the enormous smile on my face because the piano is here! It sounds dreadfully bright, but it is here! My sambear, who HATES shifting furniture around for any reason at all, must truly love me. Because the amount of shifting required to fit a piano, three bookcases, and an entertainment center/room divider into our already-very-full house is significant. And my dad, rasilio, _starrgirl_‘s father and sister, and our friend James are wonderfully helpful.

The office and living areas and master bedroom are still suffering from some chaos. Brenda will be here for gaming at 4 pm. I figure that as long as we can get to the gaming books and find clear places to sit by then (she was warned about what we’re doing), we’ll be okay.

We didn’t get the network cabling done, so the PC that will be in our bedroom is sitting on top of the file cabinet right now. It was too wet to be up on a high ladder attaching cabling to the outside of the house or anything like that. But the desk is in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the exercise bike thingy didn’t get into James’ car before he left, so it is somewhat homeless and knocking around the house. And I really wanted the wiring done to facilitate sambear‘s writing. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer—go away, tropical storm!

The little pegs that hold some of the bookshelves in place in one of the bookcases disappeared somewhere between my parents’ place and here. We have more, and they’re just that much too large. So I guess I’ll be going to Home Depot or a similar place tomorrow in quest of such things.

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