Financial Aid Fumbles Again

“All operators are currently helping other students at this time.”

1) There’s one, count them, one, “operator” in the department. And you are, in fact, a receptionist. So the use of the plural and the noun choice are incorrect.
2) “Helping” is an interesting verb choice, as I have never witnessed or experienced you helping anyone in any fashion. From what I hear around campus, that would be a rare occasion, indeed.
3) “Other students” both assumes that the caller is a student and that whoever you are speaking with is a student. That is highly unlikely, as the hours I have spent waiting to speak with the head of your department indicate that most of your phone time is spent speaking about important topics like nail care and your social life.
4) “At this time” and “currently”—both? And what does that mean? Oh, yes, that you’re an ignorant bimbo who thinks that using more words makes her sound well-educated.

I do wish I knew the number for the grammar police because I want that damned phone message CHANGED. Perhaps I could get someone in the English department to visit? Would there be public relations people who would care that the financial aid department is making the rest of the University look stupid?

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