But Who Is Paxton Hood?

Be as care­ful of the books you read, as of the com­pa­ny you keep; for your habits and char­ac­ter will be as much influ­enced by the for­mer as by the latter.
–Pax­ton Hood

I went to learn who the heck this per­son is, since I liked the quote so much, and found anoth­er by him:
The books we read should be cho­sen with great care, that they may be, as an Egypt­ian king wrote over his library, “The med­i­cines of the soul.”

I’m still not sure who Pax­ton Hood is, but I did find a mar­velous­ly use­ful Quo­ta­tion Search Engine.

There’s an author who wrote a book about Scot­tish super­sti­tions and anoth­er (Edwin Pax­ton Hood) who wrote a book about 18th-cen­tu­ry Chris­t­ian lead­ers. They may be the same person—that’s unclear. There’s a band from Michi­gan that uses that name. There’s an actor whose full name was Syd­ney Oughton Pax­ton Hood, but who seemed to large­ly use the name Syd­ney Pax­ton. I’m assum­ing the author (or one of the authors) is the most like­ly source of the quote.

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