Sweet Stuff and Nasty Stuff

I spent Thurs­day night with our sweet­ies, saw love­ly nae­sa briefly for a bodice fit­ting (thank you again!) and head­ed home Fri­day morn­ing. We gamed with mique_mique last night and she found her­self whol­ly con­vert­ed to the Cult of the Wax Devotees.

We’re try­ing to get every­one loaded into the car to head to god­dessin­ga and greyknight’s home. real_pochacco and G are mov­ing VERY slowly. 

sam­bear and I aren’t exact­ly spry this morning—we had to sleep on our sofa bed, thanks to Mica and Moon­stone, who used our bed as a lit­ter box. They weren’t locked in the room and there were two per­fect­ly good, clean lit­ter box­es avail­able for them to use. I think Moon­stone was mad at us, and after he peed in the mid­dle of the bed Mica just fol­lowed his lead. They are out­side now. I will NOT have ani­mals that do that in my house. Peri­od. This was­n’t spraying—no, this was a HUGE pud­dle. We stripped off the linens, washed them, and treat­ed the mat­tress heav­i­ly with Febreeze. I haven’t gone in there yet this morn­ing to see how it smells. GRRRR!

And Shel­ley slept on me for the first time in quite a while. How is it that a 13- to 15-pound cat can feel SO very heavy?

G got absolute­ly hys­ter­i­cal about us toss­ing the cats out­side and claimed we were “tor­tur­ing” them. shad­owkatt is off with her father’s fam­i­ly this week­end, so she does­n’t know yet. I expect that she won’t be hap­py, but she isn’t giv­en to dra­ma, thankfully.

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