Oh Yeah — About Ovarian Cysts

I’ve had ovar­i­an cysts since I was a teen. I had surgery to remove them once. I have poly­cys­tic ovar­i­an disease/syndrome (PCOD or PCOS), so they’re just some­thing I live with.

I have been tak­ing the meds to con­trol them—Glucophage and the right kind of BC pills (I’m try­ing Yasmin)—for sev­er­al years now. I’d been led to believe that it was such a big deal. There is some increased risk of car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease, but I thought that was about it.

This past week, my pri­ma­ry care physi­cian told me that when ovar­i­an cysts burst, some­times they are right at a blood ves­sel and the bleed­ing does­n’t stop. Women have bled to death that way.

That has NEVER been men­tioned to me by any of the doc­tors who have treat­ed me in the past! And yes, I checked—she’s right.

Now I find that some­one I know from a home­school­ers’ list went in to have surgery to remove a very painful cyst, and end­ed up hav­ing to have the ovary removed. The sur­geon said that had she been treat­ed soon­er, the ovary would have been fine. I’m not entire­ly clear as to how, but some­how the ovary got twist­ed up and cut off from its blood sup­ply, so it was dying.

I know some of you oth­er ladies have PCOS, too—please go get treated!

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