CS Exam Part 2

Okay, anoth­er ques­tion, as I’m con­fused on this one. 4. From the stand­point of the­o­ret­i­cal com­put­er sci­ence, what is an abstract lan­guage com­posed of? In class, he men­tioned the “pre­his­to­ry” of pro­gram­ming lan­guages and stat­ed that abstract lan­guages and machines were based on math­e­mat­ic prin­ci­ples and that they pro­vid­ed the basis for phys­i­cal machines. But then he […]

CS Final Questions

Help! Pret­ty please? My CS final is tonight. The pro­fes­sor post­ed the ques­tions for the final and said we could use absolute­ly any means we wish to find the answers, as long as we can repro­duce them from mem­o­ry tonight. And I need help with these since we cer­tain­ly did­n’t learn this stuff in class: 11. […]

One More Custody Note

Near­ly forgot‑G will con­tin­ue on her meds for at least six months or so, it seems. Her new psy­chi­a­trist and ther­a­pist (mean­ing she has to have them) will have to coor­di­nate with the ones here for that length of time, with com­mu­ni­ca­tions going through the Guardian ad Litem. So that’s anoth­er thing to be hap­py about!

Custody Crap

Well, interesting‑I did­n’t see this from until after court: The Five of Hearts speaks of changes and rest­less­ness in your heart which can man­i­fest in many ways. At the deep­est lev­el, you will prob­a­bly be feel­ing dis­sat­is­fac­tion with your cur­rent rela­tion­ship or home sit­u­a­tion and desire some sort of change. When this card appears there is […]

Custody Hearing/G’s Issues

The cus­tody hear­ing is this morn­ing, 9 am I think. Good thoughts are great­ly appre­ci­at­ed. On Mon­day, G’s doc­tor informed Sam’s ex-wife that 1) G is bipo­lar; 2) There are no “envi­ron­men­tal fac­tors” involved in bipo­lar dis­or­der; 3) Her weight gain is due to unmon­i­tored overeat­ing, not the Risperdal.  The ex-wife was not hap­py, to […]

Sleep, or Lack Thereof; School, and Household Stuff

Grrr. Not only am I up way too ear­ly (could­n’t get back to sleep), I wrote a com­ment to a post in some­one’s LJ, then real­ized that Sam had left him­self logged in. I delet­ed the com­ment, signed in as me—and could­n’t find the post. I thought it was in papil­leau’s jour­nal, but I don’t […]

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