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Grrr. Not only am I up way too early (couldn’t get back to sleep), I wrote a comment to a post in someone’s LJ, then realized that Sam had left himself logged in. I deleted the comment, signed in as me—and couldn’t find the post. I thought it was in papilleau‘s journal, but I don’t see it now. Fiddlesticks.

I took my sleepy-time medicine by about 8 last night because I didn’t want to oversleep today and it takes 8-10 hours to get out of my system. I still didn’t go to bed until 11 or so, and had trouble getting to sleep. That’s been common lately. Anybody who has been around me after I take that medicine will know how weird that is, though—the stuff usually knocks me out within half an hour. And then I was awake by 2 am. I finally gave up and got out of bed at about 3.

It is nice to be up before anyone else, though. The house is very quiet. Okay, the house is quiet except for the cat, who is certain that me being up means she should get breakfast several hours earlier than usual. Even the upstairs neighbors are quiet!

Speaking of them, they do seem to be preparing to move out. They have been carrying huge bags out to the dumpster pretty much constantly—it looks like they’re excavating up there! That gives me cause to wonder if they just don’t keep house normally, or if they’re cleaning out clutter in preparation for moving.

We went by the bookstore on campus yesterday to check out how much my books will run for fall semester. Good Gods! I’m just taking four courses, and one has no books that the store knows of as of yet. The other three require nine books in all, though! While some of them might actually be of use past the semester, I have real doubts as to whether I actually *need* them. For instance, I do in fact already know HTML. But what if the teacher actually does something like assigning material from the book, exercises or whatever? Blah.

The course that doesn’t have any books listed is the medical communications class. The description states that students will study medical terminology on their own. I’ve studied medical terminology in the past, when I was doing medical transcription. Since I was working for a company that specialized in that field, I was able to use their reference books. There are quite a few of them that are fairly necessary to such pursuits, though. I’m hoping I can simply use free online resources, but it’ll really depend on where the professor goes with the course. If I must buy them, though, they’ll be expensive.

I am annoyed that none of the three professors (one class listing changed) have syllabi posted for their classes, though they teach these same courses on a very regular basis according to their faculty web pages. Only one of them has anything more on the web than the very standard bio on the school site, and his is just a link to a wholly personal web page. Apparently that’s standard for the TCOM department though—and that seems backwards to me. If the Social & International Studies professors can almost all have their syllabi on the web, wouldn’t it make sense that the Technical Communications faculty could and would too?

Oh—we have six working phone jacks now! Finally! Of course, the Bell South guy did not show up between 8 am and noon as was promised. In fact, he didn’t show up until well after 2 pm. He was here until after 3. Since we were to leave here by 2:30 to take G to an appointment with her psychiatrist that was in Dunwoody and started at 3, that was not good at all. The doctor wanted to meet with all of the parental figures, but I had to stay here since we couldn’t just leave the Bell South guy in the apartment. I was very much annoyed. Of course, the doctors in that practice have always run way behind schedule, and since I had a presentation to give in my 5:25 pm class and expected traffic problems, it was probably for the best. (Of course, the doctor was on schedule this one time. Figures.)

Sam and Katie and I watched The Mask of Zorro last night. To be more accurate, I was present while doing other things, which is the way I normally “watch” anything on TV. It was decent enough. G had used up her budgeted screen time earlier in the day, so she played with some friends and read for a while instead of watching the movie. I don’t think she was terribly interested in that specific movie anyway.

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