The wildlife guys finally did show up. I haven’t spoken to one of them, but the one in uniform seems incapable of smiling.

His first words were not a greeting, but, “That tree’s gotta go. All them trees, they’re bad.”

I knew that wasn’t gonna happen, but had him talk to curiousmay9 on the phone. She said, “Yeah, they always want to do that. The answer is no.”

He was going in and out of the front door for a while, then they were working from ladders in the front yard, so we let Karli outside. We’d already introduced him to her—an important safety measure.

A little while later, a neighbor came to the door. “That your big white dog? It’s in my yard.”

My response was, “Those IDIOTS let her out!”

Him: “You mean those idiots working on your house?”

“Yep, those idiots.”

I knew they’d heard me, and said, “DO NOT LET THE DOG OUT!”

The guy said, “Um, kin you put ‘er up?”

“Of course—but you should have asked if you needed to have the gate open.”

Note: They didn’t need to have the gate open. They only made one or two trips through it. They left it open out of pure laziness.

Katie took off after Karli, leash in hand. When she came back, the guy muttered, “I didn’t know there was a dog back there.”

She heard him (as she was intended to), and said, “You didn’t notice the sign?”

That would be the big, red “beware of dog” sign on our fence. It’s impossible to miss, especially if uses the gate to the backyard.

His response was, “Most people don’t really have dogs.”

Right—the dog to whom you were introduced doesn’t exist. It’s hard to miss 115 lbs. of fluffy beast, in my experience.

I do hope they’re more observant regarding the critters they’re supposed to exclude from the house!

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