CS Final Questions

Help! Pret­ty please?

My CS final is tonight. The pro­fes­sor post­ed the ques­tions for the final and said we could use absolute­ly any means we wish to find the answers, as long as we can repro­duce them from mem­o­ry tonight. And I need help with these since we cer­tain­ly did­n’t learn this stuff in class:

11. If this ques­tion’s num­ber rep­re­sent­ed a bina­ry val­ue, what would the dec­i­mal equiv­a­lent be? Show your work.

12. Start­ing with the dec­i­mal num­ber 137, con­vert it to bina­ry, octal, and hexa­dec­i­mal. Show your work.

On this one, I’m curi­ous as to how y’all would answer it.

7. So…is soft­ware engi­neer­ing “engi­neer­ing”? Sup­port your opinion.

(I’ve been large­ly offline since my posts yesterday—I will, indeed, respond to your sweet com­ments. Thank you!)

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