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We’re look­ing at Great Pyre­nees on a local res­cue group’s web site, and curiousmay9 and I have fall­en in love. Hope­less­ly. Sam has much sub­ject­ed to much squeal­ing of “PUPPY!” and so on.

We were going to wait at least 6 months before get­ting a dog. I was the one say­ing, “We’re not ready!” with­in the last week.

And I’m the one that spread this viral cute­ness meme. I end­ed up on the ASPCA site some­how, and then things just hap­pened. I swear!

In case you aren’t famil­iar with the breed, one of the dogs in this par­tic­u­lar shel­ter weighs 162 lbs. The ones that are under 100 lbs. are list­ed as being very underweight.

And I thought the Oorang Airedales were big!

(I did in fact search for Airedales at Petfind­er first. The Airedales near­by that need homes aren’t suit­able for our fam­i­ly, unfortunately.)

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