Why Me?

Why do random 18-year-old girls send me emails asking me “what other precautions” they should take on a trip they shouldn’t be going on in the first place?

She’s getting on a bus for 8 hours to go see a guy she only knows online.

She says, “He is 11 years older than me which makes me uncomfortable, not to mention he’s married.”

She’s giving her fiancé the information she has about this guy, and that’s her only “precaution.”

The married guy is paying for everything. She will be totally dependent on him to even buy her a bus ticket home.

She doesn’t know anyone else in that area.

Which part of, “THIS IS STUPID!” is unclear?

She sent an email via my website, so apparently, she was there for some reason. I wrote an article about meeting online acquaintances offline. She’s already tossed away all the advice that was in that article, so why does she ask me for more?

And now I’m all worried.

Lacie, if you read this, I hope you didn’t go. Please get hold of a copy of The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. (Your local library should have a copy.) It’ll explain WHY your instincts were telling you not to go, and help you to be more consciously safe in the future.

And Lacie, email me to tell me you’re safe? Please?

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