Glad I Stopped Reading!

Love Bites gives a syn­op­sis of the first three all four Twi­light books. 

Edit: Katie informed me that the above actu­al­ly men­tions events in book four, which caused me to acci­den­tal­ly give her a spoil­er. Whoops!

It’s a real­ly, real­ly good thing I stopped read­ing after book two. I’m absolute­ly disgusted!

Hap­pi­ly, the book I’m read­ing to review for TCM is quite good. I’m a wee bit dis­tract­ed by the author’s Very Sil­ly Name–I don’t know if it’s a pen name or if she had cru­el par­ents. It does­n’t change the fact that the book is enjoyable.

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4 thoughts on “Glad I Stopped Reading!

  1. I feel dirty just read­ing that review. Ew!!! How can edu­ca­tors laud a book that encour­ages pas­sive, it’s okay because he real­ly loves me, co-depen­dence?! gah!

    Glad your TCM book is going well 🙂 I just signed up to be a review­er, too.

  2. I’m real­ly dis­ap­point­ed that the series is so pop­u­lar. I did­n’t know that edu­ca­tors are rec­om­mend­ing it, but that’s even worse!

  3. I’ve made more spe­cif­ic com­ments about Mey­er’s books in sev­er­al posts, but it comes down to the fact that they aren’t very well-writ­ten, there isn’t ONE healthy rela­tion­ship in the series, and the main char­ac­ter is a hor­ri­ble throw­back to a def­i­n­i­tion of “fem­i­nin­i­ty” that involves pas­siv­i­ty, child­ish­ness, incom­pe­tence, etc. The books are also extreme­ly sex-neg­a­tive. And, um, did you not notice the men­tion of “imprint­ing” on infants and tod­dlers, the whole pedophil­ia angle?

    I absolute­ly hate the idea that teach­ers might rec­om­mend these books, as most young peo­ple have absolute­ly no expe­ri­ence in decon­struct­ing mes­sages (much less any encour­age­ment to do so). The fre­quent com­par­isons to the Har­ry Pot­ter books make me won­der if peo­ple who don’t read what their kids are read­ing will buy the books for their Pot­ter fans with­out real­iz­ing that they are total­ly inap­pro­pri­ate for most of those young readers.

    I’ve dis­cussed this stuff with my own daugh­ter, and she and her friends are aware of these issues, and they are not accept­ing the books as great lit­er­a­ture or the like. That makes me feel bet­ter for THEM, but I also know that Katie and her friends are not aver­age in any way.

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