Glad I Stopped Reading!

Love Bites gives a synopsis of the first three all four Twilight books.

Edit: Katie informed me that the above actually mentions events in book four, which caused me to accidentally give her a spoiler. Whoops!

It’s a really, really good thing I stopped reading after book two. I’m absolutely disgusted!

Happily, the book I’m reading to review for TCM is quite good. I’m a wee bit distracted by the author’s Very Silly Name–I don’t know if it’s a pen name or if she had cruel parents. It doesn’t change the fact that the book is enjoyable.

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4 thoughts on “Glad I Stopped Reading!

  1. I feel dirty just reading that review. Ew!!! How can educators laud a book that encourages passive, it’s okay because he really loves me, co-dependence?! gah!

    Glad your TCM book is going well 🙂 I just signed up to be a reviewer, too.

  2. I’m really disappointed that the series is so popular. I didn’t know that educators are recommending it, but that’s even worse!

  3. I’ve made more specific comments about Meyer’s books in several posts, but it comes down to the fact that they aren’t very well-written, there isn’t ONE healthy relationship in the series, and the main character is a horrible throwback to a definition of “femininity” that involves passivity, childishness, incompetence, etc. The books are also extremely sex-negative. And, um, did you not notice the mention of “imprinting” on infants and toddlers, the whole pedophilia angle?

    I absolutely hate the idea that teachers might recommend these books, as most young people have absolutely no experience in deconstructing messages (much less any encouragement to do so). The frequent comparisons to the Harry Potter books make me wonder if people who don’t read what their kids are reading will buy the books for their Potter fans without realizing that they are totally inappropriate for most of those young readers.

    I’ve discussed this stuff with my own daughter, and she and her friends are aware of these issues, and they are not accepting the books as great literature or the like. That makes me feel better for THEM, but I also know that Katie and her friends are not average in any way.

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