Drama Circuits Still Overloaded

My real-life drama tolerance circuits were totally burned out with marriage v.3. I’m cool with that. I was able to handle much more of it in fiction, though I’m not big on whiney characters.

I guess the Stephanie Meyer backlash is still with me, though, because after finishing the fifth of Laura Anne Gilman’s Retriever novels, Free Fall, I tried reading Anne Bishop’s Tangled Webs.

I just started reading Bishop earlier this year, and truly enjoyed the earlier Realms of the Blood books. I did notice that everybody in the books is more than slightly high-strung, and that (as is so often the case), good communication skills would have largely removed most of the plot premises.

I mean, yeah, evil people plot, what are you going to do about it? Stick together and talk to the people you care about, dammit! Never believe you’ve been betrayed without doing some fact-checking, at the very least!

But I just got a few chapters into Tangled Webs, and there they go again. I think lithium needs to be added to the water table of this universe.

I’m disappointed because I do enjoy many things about Bishop’s writing. Maybe I’ll give that one another try someday in the future. For now, it goes back to the library.

Greywalker by Kat Richardson is next on the stack!

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6 thoughts on “Drama Circuits Still Overloaded

  1. All right, you’re my hero now. I’ve been reading your blog and I love but Vampire Willow? You rock!

  2. ARG! Bad-communication-driven plots drive me up the wall. It’s one thing to respond to poor communication between PCs in a role playing game with plot they could have avoided – in that case, they’re suffering the consequences of their choices. In a novel I didn’t get to make that choice.

    I clearly need to watch more Buffy 🙂 I’ve gotten to play Willow in a couple RPGs – she’s great fun.

    Hmm – I seem to have RPGs on the brain today 🙂

  3. I coldn’t really make it through more than 10 pages of Twilight when my friend loaned it to me. I was really disappointed that the first plot hole appeared on page 5 (no airport security or boarding passes) and she spent the whole time bitching and moaning about how she hated the town of Forks and the idea of having to share a bathroom with her dad. I decided my time was worth more than that, and will be returning the book to the person who loaned it to me.

    I have no patience for a lot of the BS anymore, even fictional.

  4. Hi!
    I’m amor_demi_alma on LiveJournal, and I was wondering if I could advertise my community on the LJ community you maintain, “disabledstudent”> And since I see you moderate gimp_snark, I’ll ask about that one, too. I’m a member of both. My community is glbtq_disabled. Please email me back at caitlinh4590 @ gmail.com or comment on my LJ to let me know if this is okay. Thank you so much! I also added you to my friends page; your journal and bio are awesome. And no, I’m not sucking up; they really are. 🙂
    Thank you so much,

  5. Hi Caitlin–nice to “meet” you! That’s altogether too sweet 🙂

    I’m afraid I stopped letting anybody promote other communities on any of the ones I moderate, because so many people would join just to post an ad, then leave, never actually participating. It’s totally acceptable to use a “.sig line” at the end of posts and comments pointing to your community, though.

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