Today’s First Real Post About My Life!

Well, okay, y’all probably found the other stuff more interesting.

I’m still having lots of muscle spasms and pain and numbness, which is making it difficult to type accurately. That’s one reason you’ve been seeing lots of cut-n-paste stuff.

We had a delightful time with wordcandlemage and curiousmay9 yesterday. She spent the night but was off to a brunch date before I woke this morning so I missed goodbye hugs. She stopped by Harry’s to get “just one thing” for dinner on the way here and ended up bringing fresh pineapple, figs, and chocolate-covered walnuts in addition to the queso. All three were delicious. Figs are much better than Fig Newtons. And that pineapple! She actually knows how to spot ripe produce of all sorts. Isn’t that wonderful?

Getting just three extra items was actually a remarkable demonstration of willpower. Most of us would have needed a pack mule for all the stuff we would have picked up if we went shopping at Harry’s while hungry.

The five of us talked through the relevant parts of The Hard Questions. We didn’t find any incompatibilities, and the conversation was very good. In fact, the number of similarities was striking, right down to preferred color schemes. Things proceed apace as we progress towards making a home together.

shadowkatt enjoyed fitting herself between me and curiousmay9 on the loveseat. I’m glad she hasn’t ever outgrown being a cuddle bunny 🙂 I got stitching and coloring time in yesterday, too.

curiousmay9 and I plan to go bathroom shopping before too long, and she and sambear will be doing the same for kitchens.

sambear took shadowkatt to her Girl Scout meeting. They’ll probably be gone ’til 5 or so. He’s so wonderful! As she is.

I still miss my PDA. It should be home tomorrow. I hope so, anyway.

We have a DVD burner present. It actually belongs to a friend, but she doesn’t have time to try it out at the moment. It keeps causing BSODs on my system—the first I’ve had, in fact, since installing Win2k. I put in another IDE controller and attached it to that, which allowed me to get into Windows again (other than in safe mode). I’ll still futzing with getting it really working, though.

It won’t physically fit in Sam’s machine or the server, and the machine Katie is using really doesn’t have the power supply to use it (and is limited in other resources, as well). So I need to make it work in mine.

(Katie also needs a larger hard drive than the 8GB one that’s in her machine. Its onboard controller won’t run anything larger than 40 to 60GB drives, but those are still at silly prices compared to the larger ones. That machine wasn’t designed to be very upgradeable, though, so it doesn’t have a slot open for a new controller, either. If any of you upgrade your hard drive and have a 40-60GB IDE drive laying about that you’d be willing to get rid of, please let us know.)

I’ve never moved a PC to a new case. I know that it CAN be done, but I’m intimidated for some odd reason. Maybe I can get ga_sunshine to help with that for Sam’s machine and the server at some point.

Have I mentioned that she’s a marvelously sexy geek goddess? She fixed a JavaScript problem for me this week, too!

Okay, I must go do homework now. How bad is it that I’m eager for the timer that tells me I can get up to do 15 minutes of housework instead? I love the writing parts. I hate the reading texts parts.

And curiousmay9 loaned us her copy of Low Port, and wordcandlemage brought us all the tapes of last season’s Buffy episodes. Both are calling to me!

Watching an episode of Haunted that was on the tape after the first Buffy 7 episode was probably a mistake. It was a good show, and I understand why wordcandlemage was disappointed when it was canceled. But it was too scary for me and provided new material for nightmares. The fact that the first episode was about child molesters/murderers certainly didn’t help matters at all.

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