Anybody else using Bookmooch? I just joined (username technomom) and plan to list books there as we do our yearly clearing of the shelves.

(Edited to correct name – thanks Alicebunnie!)

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5 thoughts on “Bookmooch?

  1. LOL @ Bookmunch vs. Bookmooch, because I think of books like popcorn, you just keep the handfuls coming!

    I started Paperback Swap a few weeks ago and have been happy with them. I’ve received about 3 books and I’ve sent out about 5. Works pretty well for me. I can only think the problem with both would be if nobody wants your books, but you want more books.

  2. Totally unintentional, but I think of them that way, too!

    I’ll take a look at Paperback Swap, too. Most of the books that get weeded out each year are paperbacks.

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