Clothing for dogs?

I’ve long known that there were people who inflict indignities like sweaters and even tiny little boots on their canine companions. I had no idea that the doggy fashion had become so very fashionable, though.

Then I saw it. One moment I’m surrounded by bird feeders and cat toys, the next, there it is: an entire row of Canine Couture.

I called Katie to my side to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, but no, she saw it too. We brought home photographic evidence, not expecting you to believe us without it.

That particular “dress” was the most eye-catching of this season’s dog fashion, or at least of what that Target is carrying.

We were very happy to come home to our sharp-clawed cats, safe in the knowledge that they would never permit such a thing.

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4 thoughts on “Clothing for dogs?

  1. I saw those at Target the last time I was there, too. Oh, my! :p My mom gets sweaters for her rat-pig dog. A chihauha mix, I call her rat pig because chihauha’s are rat dogs to me, and her nose looks like a pig. :p Anyway, my mom says she buys sweaters for her because she gets cold. I say she just shakes because she’s neurotic and needs prozac. :p

  2. Many dogs have issues with being made to wear something; the only reason my family’s collie stopped taking off a flower-headband that was made for him was because he realized he was getting more attention on Halloween as a “collie-flower”.

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