So What’s Different?

I saw the top­ic and thought, “Gosh, maybe I’ve missed some­thing obvi­ous. I’ve nev­er been so good at this Girly-Girl thing. I should watch that.” I watched it. I don’t feel enlight­ened. Maybe it’s just been too long since I thought about this stuff, but what’s so dif­fer­ent about apply­ing make-up for 40-year-olds than it is […]

Need input: Temporary purple hair dye

The girl wants to col­or her hair pur­ple but has wise­ly decid­ed to try a tem­po­rary col­or before going with the per­ma­nent stuff. Her nat­ur­al col­or is hon­ey brown/dark blonde. She does NOT want to bleach her hair first. Any rec­om­men­da­tions as to brands of col­or to try or avoid? Oth­er advice from those who have explored […]


It’s past time for a new hair­cut! I wan­na do it as soon as pos­si­ble before I change my mind. I live in Decatur and would pre­fer some­one in this area. I loved Three-13 when I lived in Cobb Coun­ty. Loved every­thing but the prices, that is! Any rec­om­men­da­tions? I want some­one I can trust to just […]

Good Things

Hot water on demand is a gift from the god­dess. I have the inter­net to main­tain con­nec­tions with all you love­ly peo­ple. My lap­top makes it much eas­i­er to use the inter­net con­nec­tion. My paraf­fin bath is mar­velous, as long as I remem­ber to use it. My daugh­ter is an angel. My part­ners are incred­i­ble. I have […]

Random Verbosity

I need to do laun­dry. The dry­er is mak­ing A Bad Noise. I think it has some­thing to do with the drum, as it hap­pens even when the machine is emp­ty. It’s a scrape‑y sort of noise. In hap­pi­er news, the girl is off to spend time with dra­cofrost and his fam­i­ly. sam­bear is on his […]

I Paid Someone to Hurt Me Today

Lots, even. For a cou­ple of hours. Yep, I had my legs waxed. The biki­ni area is still very, very sore, and this bet­ter last a good long time or I’ll be Unhap­py. But right now—mmm, I love how smooth and silky my legs feel! I felt a bit self-con­s­cious, as I’d not shaved for a while in […]

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