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I need to do laun­dry. The dry­er is mak­ing A Bad Noise. I think it has some­thing to do with the drum, as it hap­pens even when the machine is emp­ty. It’s a scrape‑y sort of noise.

In hap­pi­er news, the girl is off to spend time with dra­cofrost and his fam­i­ly. sam­bear is on his way home after meet­ing them. curiousmay9 and rid­inrab­bit are work­ing at the cot­tage. Much of tomor­row will be spent cel­e­brat­ing dra­cofrost’s grad­u­a­tion and retriev­ing shad­owkatt.

I for­got to men­tion that Shel­ley turned 16 this week! She’s actu­al­ly get­ting sprier late­ly, as the glu­cosamine-chon­droitin we’ve been adding to her food takes effect. She’s pushi­er than ever about get­ting enough affec­tion. As a mat­ter of fact, she’s try­ing to get between me and the key­board right now.

Some neigh­bor­hood cat—most like­ly Fang—delivered a dead mouse to the door this week.

Kar­li actu­al­ly “caught” a boo­jum! It was a pos­sum and did­n’t quite make the fence while escap­ing. It rolled up to, of course, play pos­sum. curiousmay9 dragged the tri­umphant dog back indoors before she could fur­ther harass the crit­ter. She’s quite proud of her­self, of course.

Ear­li­er in the week, curiousmay9 Maced the attic to evict a rac­coon and her kits. Yep, she real­ly did. The thing was mak­ing too much noise in the mid­dle of the night, and that was the weapon she had at hand. The coon has since been scrab­bling at the met­al sheet­ing that’s up over its entry holes, but as far as we can tell she has­n’t been able to get back in. I think she’s still dig­ging at the cedar sid­ing over the patio, though. We sus­pect that Mama Coon was born in the attic of this house.

The eye doc­tor thinks Katie’s eye prob­lems are due to aller­gies. He gave her some eye drops and refused to take mon­ey for the vis­it. We looked for new glass­es frames for her again, but she still did­n’t see any­thing she likes. I fear this quest will require a lot of shop­ping. For­tu­nate­ly, her pre­scrip­tion has­n’t changed sig­nif­i­cant­ly since she got the cur­rent glass­es. I real­ly want her to have two pairs of glass­es by the time she goes to camp, though, in case she breaks a pair.

I final­ly ordered new glass­es lens­es, which will go into my old frames. I haven’t found any­thing new that I like, either, but I real­ly need the new lens­es. Acquir­ing new frames will prob­a­bly require hav­ing Sam and Katie pick them out again. I do like the ones Katie has, with the mag­net­ic sunglasses.

My old lens­es were dread­ful. Appar­ent­ly, some kind of coat­ing was com­ing off, so they were cloudy and spot­ty. The vision tech­ni­cian (or what­ev­er you call the peo­ple who work there but aren’t doc­tors) dipped my old lens­es in some­thing that removed the dam­aged coat­ing. Now things are clear but weird. I think what­ev­er they did may have affect­ed the pre­scrip­tion just a lit­tle. Good thing I wear con­tacts most of the time now!

The girl also saw the den­tist yes­ter­day. She had no cav­i­ties and every­thing looks great except for the thin gums she inher­it­ed from her father. We have a refer­ral to a peri­odon­tist, but he won’t be able to do much ’til her braces come off. That should hap­pen this fall.

sam­bear and I spent a cou­ple of hours gam­ing last night. It’s amaz­ing how fast things can move with a one-on-one game!

I’m crav­ing a good soak in a tub of water and essen­tial oils, sur­round­ed by can­dles and graced with beau­ti­ful music. The lack of a nice, big tub makes that dif­fi­cult to impos­si­ble. Some­day I will have a bath­room that is a paean to water and hedonism!

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