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I need to do laundry. The dryer is making A Bad Noise. I think it has something to do with the drum, as it happens even when the machine is empty. It’s a scrape-y sort of noise.

In happier news, the girl is off to spend time with dracofrost and his family. sambear is on his way home after meeting them. curiousmay9 and ridinrabbit are working at the cottage. Much of tomorrow will be spent celebrating dracofrost‘s graduation and retrieving shadowkatt.

I forgot to mention that Shelley turned 16 this week! She’s actually getting sprier lately, as the glucosamine-chondroitin we’ve been adding to her food takes effect. She’s pushier than ever about getting enough affection. As a matter of fact, she’s trying to get between me and the keyboard right now.

Some neighborhood cat—most likely Fang—delivered a dead mouse to the door this week.

Karli actually “caught” a boojum! It was a possum and didn’t quite make the fence while escaping. It rolled up to, of course, play possum. curiousmay9 dragged the triumphant dog back indoors before she could further harass the critter. She’s quite proud of herself, of course.

Earlier in the week, curiousmay9 Maced the attic to evict a raccoon and her kits. Yep, she really did. The thing was making too much noise in the middle of the night, and that was the weapon she had at hand. The coon has since been scrabbling at the metal sheeting that’s up over its entry holes, but as far as we can tell she hasn’t been able to get back in. I think she’s still digging at the cedar siding over the patio, though. We suspect that Mama Coon was born in the attic of this house.

The eye doctor thinks Katie’s eye problems are due to allergies. He gave her some eye drops and refused to take money for the visit. We looked for new glasses frames for her again, but she still didn’t see anything she likes. I fear this quest will require a lot of shopping. Fortunately, her prescription hasn’t changed significantly since she got the current glasses. I really want her to have two pairs of glasses by the time she goes to camp, though, in case she breaks a pair.

I finally ordered new glasses lenses, which will go into my old frames. I haven’t found anything new that I like, either, but I really need the new lenses. Acquiring new frames will probably require having Sam and Katie pick them out again. I do like the ones Katie has, with the magnetic sunglasses.

My old lenses were dreadful. Apparently, some kind of coating was coming off, so they were cloudy and spotty. The vision technician (or whatever you call the people who work there but aren’t doctors) dipped my old lenses in something that removed the damaged coating. Now things are clear but weird. I think whatever they did may have affected the prescription just a little. Good thing I wear contacts most of the time now!

The girl also saw the dentist yesterday. She had no cavities and everything looks great except for the thin gums she inherited from her father. We have a referral to a periodontist, but he won’t be able to do much ’til her braces come off. That should happen this fall.

sambear and I spent a couple of hours gaming last night. It’s amazing how fast things can move with a one-on-one game!

I’m craving a good soak in a tub of water and essential oils, surrounded by candles and graced with beautiful music. The lack of a nice, big tub makes that difficult to impossible. Someday I will have a bathroom that is a paean to water and hedonism!

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