Lovely evening

Sam had to work very late tonight, dealing with a new phone system that was being installed at the office. The poor guy came in after 8:30!

After that, though, we had a nice, totally relaxed evening. The three of us ate together and watched an episode of West Wing. Katie went off to do vital social things that I’m sure we’d never understand.

Then Sam helped me take a marvelous, luxurious bath. Yeah, that sounds silly, I’m sure. I can’t get up and down in the tub safely by myself, so I haven’t had a nice soak in a while. He even told me a cute story from our shared game world. Then he changed our sheets!

We gamed for a bit, but we’re both terribly sleepy tonight for some reason. Maybe it’s the thought of clean bodies plus clean sheets plus cuddles 🙂 So I’m off to enjoy that with him!

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