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Gadgetry — I have a digital leash again!

I has a phone! It’s tiny and thin and pret­ty. It was sup­posed to be able to take a mini-SD card so I could store music on it, but they lied. The Nokia also had a radio tuner, and this phone does­n’t. The only oth­er phone the cell insur­ance peo­ple had avail­able was a Sam­sung with crap­py reviews and few­er fea­tures.

This Motoro­la is lighter than the Nokia I drowned in cof­fee, though, so it’ll be eas­i­er for me to hold it. It works with my Blue­tooth head­set and talks to my PC via Blue­tooth, too.

I love the lit­tle head­set. It nudges my glass­es just a bit, so it does slip off on occa­sion. That makes me wish I could wear con­tacts again, as it would be well worth the tradel

I’m some­what pouty about the music thing with the phone, which is sil­ly. I hard­ly ever leave the house, so why do I even care whether or not I can store music on it? For that mat­ter, I have a lit­tle MP3 play­er some­where that I nev­er real­ly took to, because I hate always hav­ing to delete some­thing in order to add any­thing else.

But one of the rea­sons I haven’t ever tak­en to the MP3 play­er is the head­set it needs. I’ve nev­er found ear­buds that worked for me. They hurt! And reg­u­lar headphones/headsets muck with the glass­es. Then there’s the whole tak­ing off the headset/out the ear­bud to talk on the phone. Bah!

The pre­vi­ous phone let me lis­ten to music through the Blue­tooth con­nec­tion. If a call came in, the music would pause or switch off or what­ev­er I pro­grammed it to do. I would­n’t have to take off one head­set for anoth­er, or fum­ble with mul­ti­ple elec­tron­ics.

I have a com­plete­ly ridicu­lous desire for an iPod. I’ve want­ed one for years. It’s sil­ly, and I dis­like being cov­etous, espe­cial­ly when I want some­thing that seems so con­trary to my actu­al pat­terns of us.

Are they any good as eBook read­ers? Like maybe the iTouch would be? I want to be able to car­ry around all the music I want, and fol­low pod­casts eas­i­ly. But dang, if I could have a rea­son­able selec­tion of eBooks with me all the time, it would be even bet­ter. If it could read DRM’d PDFs I could even have my text­books with me.

I am almost com­plete­ly unlike­ly to ever buy an iPod. If I ever do, it would prob­a­bly be for Sam (Katie has a Nano, I think it is). They make exten­sive use of their MP3 play­ers, wear­ing them at every wak­ing moment. I ful­ly expect them to be among the first to sign up for implant­ed play­ers. I might not ever know if they’re actu­al­ly lis­ten­ing to me or their MP3 play­ers if they had Blue­tooth head­sets for them. The head­phone wires are an impor­tant visu­al cue around here.

Has­n’t any­one out there noticed the need for soft­ware that will work with any mobile media device the way iTunes does with iPods? It does­n’t seem like it should be that hard to get some­thing to delete pod­cast episodes you’ve lis­tened to, then automag­i­cal­ly grab new ones.

I’m prob­a­bly doomed to for­ev­er pin­ing for The Per­fect Mobile Device. It isn’t that I want much of course. Just a very good phone that isn’t too big or heavy, gets a great sig­nal, does Blue­tooth, has rea­son­ably com­fort­able keys/controls, and is also a music play­er, ebook read­er, cam­era, and PDA, of course. Oh, and it should have PC soft­ware that will talk to Airset and oth­er pro­grams. That’s all. Not much, real­ly.

By the way, if a device has a cam­era, why not make it a decent one? The one in my (not real­ly work­ing prop­er­ly) PDA is so laugh­able that I can’t imag­ine why it exists. It’s nice to have a lit­tle cam­era in the cell phone so I can send ran­dom pho­tos to Sam dur­ing the day, or quick pic­tures of Katie to my par­ents, but the qual­i­ty isn’t any­thing to write home about. Get­ting the “real” cam­era out takes so much time that I miss most shots.

I am exces­sive­ly ram­bly tonight, and this may not have made much sense. Sor­ry. But I am very hap­py about my phone!

2 comments to Gadgetry — I have a digital leash again!

  • You made per­fect sense to me 🙂

    My Treo does most of the stuff you men­tioned, and I don’t know if it does the rest or not.

  • cyn

    I’ve seri­ous­ly lust­ed after a Treo. We use Metro PCS, though, and they don’t seem to sup­port them 🙁 My broth­er swears by his Treo.