Gadgetry – I have a digital leash again!

I has a phone! It’s tiny and thin and pretty. It was supposed to be able to take a mini-SD card so I could store music on it, but they lied. The Nokia also had a radio tuner, and this phone doesn’t. The only other phone the cell insurance people had available was a Samsung with crappy reviews and fewer features.

This Motorola is lighter than the Nokia I drowned in coffee, though, so it’ll be easier for me to hold it. It works with my Bluetooth headset and talks to my PC via Bluetooth, too.

I love the little headset. It nudges my glasses just a bit, so it does slip off on occasion. That makes me wish I could wear contacts again, as it would be well worth the tradel

I’m somewhat pouty about the music thing with the phone, which is silly. I hardly ever leave the house, so why do I even care whether or not I can store music on it? For that matter, I have a little MP3 player somewhere that I never really took to, because I hate always having to delete something in order to add anything else.

But one of the reasons I haven’t ever taken to the MP3 player is the headset it needs. I’ve never found earbuds that worked for me. They hurt! And regular headphones/headsets muck with the glasses. Then there’s the whole taking off the headset/out the earbud to talk on the phone. Bah!

The previous phone let me listen to music through the Bluetooth connection. If a call came in, the music would pause or switch off or whatever I programmed it to do. I wouldn’t have to take off one headset for another, or fumble with multiple electronics.

I have a completely ridiculous desire for an iPod. I’ve wanted one for years. It’s silly, and I dislike being covetous, especially when I want something that seems so contrary to my actual patterns of us.

Are they any good as eBook readers? Like maybe the iTouch would be? I want to be able to carry around all the music I want and follow podcasts easily. But dang, if I could have a reasonable selection of eBooks with me all the time, it would be even better. If it could read DRM’d PDFs I could even have my textbooks with me.

I am almost completely unlikely to ever buy an iPod. If I ever do, it would probably be for Sam (Katie has a Nano, I think it is). They make extensive use of their MP3 players, wearing them at every waking moment. I fully expect them to be among the first to sign up for implanted players. I might not ever know if they’re actually listening to me or their MP3 players if they had Bluetooth headsets for them. The headphone wires are an important visual cue around here.

Hasn’t anyone out there noticed the need for software that will work with any mobile media device the way iTunes does with iPods? It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to get something to delete podcast episodes you’ve listened to, then automagically grab new ones.

I’m probably doomed to forever pining for The Perfect Mobile Device. It isn’t that I want much of course. Just a very good phone that isn’t too big or heavy, gets a great signal, does Bluetooth, has reasonably comfortable keys/controls, and is also a music player, ebook reader, camera, and PDA, of course. Oh, and it should have PC software that will talk to Airset and other programs. That’s all. Not much, really.

By the way, if a device has a camera, why not make it a decent one? The one in my (not really working properly) PDA is so laughable that I can’t imagine why it exists. It’s nice to have a little camera in the cell phone so I can send random photos to Sam during the day, or quick pictures of Katie to my parents, but the quality isn’t anything to write home about. Getting the “real” camera out takes so much time that I miss most shots.

I am excessively rambly tonight, and this may not have made much sense. Sorry. But I am very happy about my phone!

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2 thoughts on “Gadgetry – I have a digital leash again!

  1. You made perfect sense to me 🙂

    My Treo does most of the stuff you mentioned, and I don’t know if it does the rest or not.

  2. I’ve seriously lusted after a Treo. We use Metro PCS, though, and they don’t seem to support them 🙁 My brother swears by his Treo.

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