Gadgetry — I have a digital leash again!

I has a phone! It’s tiny and thin and pret­ty. It was sup­posed to be able to take a mini-SD card so I could store music on it, but they lied. The Nokia also had a radio tuner, and this phone does­n’t. The only oth­er phone the cell insur­ance peo­ple had avail­able was a Sam­sung with crap­py reviews and few­er features.

This Motoro­la is lighter than the Nokia I drowned in cof­fee, though, so it’ll be eas­i­er for me to hold it. It works with my Blue­tooth head­set and talks to my PC via Blue­tooth, too.

I love the lit­tle head­set. It nudges my glass­es just a bit, so it does slip off on occa­sion. That makes me wish I could wear con­tacts again, as it would be well worth the tradel
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SBQ, Heat, Cell Phone

It’s been a while since I answered one of the Stitch­ing Blog­gers Ques­tions. This week’s is
Are you start­ing some­thing new to cel­e­brate the New Year or par­tic­i­pat­ing in “Guilt Free January?” If so, what are you plan­ning on starting?

I had to go look up “Guilt Free Jan­u­ary.” Appar­ent­ly, it refers to some prac­tice of declar­ing that no mat­ter how many WIPs1 you have, you can start new projects in Jan­u­ary with­out feel­ing guilty about it. It’s prob­a­bly an RCTN2 ref­er­ence, but it’s been a while since I kept up with the newsgroup.
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Tweets for 12-05-2007

  • 22:26 Wel­come to the sweet & love­ly @hopeevey! #
  • 22:29 @sashib Smart man! #
  • 22:35 @hopeev­ey You’re doing fine, sug­ar. When some­one adds you, just look at their page on Twit­ter. #
  • 22:36 @hopeev­ey If you want to fol­low them, click on the but­ton to do so (when you’re signed in to the site). #
  • 22:36 @hopeev­ey The part about noti­fi­ca­tions says whether you want to get their tweets via IM or on your cell phone (if you do either) #
  • 17:35 @shashib Yes, at least twice #
  • 17:36 @ariedana Because they get a lot more press cov­er­age that way than shoot­ing peo­ple at home? #
  • 17:40 @ariedana I have to agree, on both counts. #
  • 18:56 @chris­bro­gan Some killings are jus­ti­fi­able. Put every­one else out of his mis­ery! #
  • 19:24 @hopeev­ey *hugs* #
  • 19:24 @shashib For­tu­nate­ly, mine weren’t too bad — just made no sense w/o con­text. #
  • 19:27 @jchutchins Sam says he remem­bers a Flick­r­toy that does that #
  • 19:40 @queenof­s­pain What is it??? #

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