SBQ, Heat, Cell Phone

It’s been a while since I answered one of the Stitch­ing Blog­gers Ques­tions. This week’s is
Are you start­ing some­thing new to cel­e­brate the New Year or par­tic­i­pat­ing in “Guilt Free Jan­u­ary?” If so, what are you plan­ning on starting?

I had to go look up “Guilt Free Jan­u­ary.” Appar­ent­ly, it refers to some prac­tice of declar­ing that no mat­ter how many WIPs1Works in Progress you have, you can start new projects in Jan­u­ary with­out feel­ing guilty about it. It’s prob­a­bly an RCTN2rec.crafts.textiles.needlework ref­er­ence, but it’s been a while since I kept up with the newsgroup.

cp35c.jpgI just don’t know. I haven’t made much progress at all on my cur­rent WIPs3Geez, even my WIP page is way out of date! in so long that it seems tru­ly ridicu­lous to start any­thing new. On the oth­er hand, there have been times when start­ing some­thing new that I’m excit­ed about has renewed my enthu­si­asm for stitch­ing in gen­er­al. I do have sev­er­al new pieces, although I’ve been fair­ly good about not buy­ing too many new pat­terns in the last year or two. Liz Turn­er Diehl’s Choco­late Wish Sam­pler is ter­ri­bly cute, and it has been sit­ting here look­ing at me for months, just wait­ing for me to break down and buy the fab­ric and fibers to start it.

I real­ly need to get a mag­ni­fi­er for my Ott Lite before I start any­thing new, though, because oth­er­wise, I’ll prob­a­bly just get more frustrated.

And yes, the heat is back on! The main­te­nance guy came in and fixed the fur­nace today, for real. Yay!

Oh—if any­one has tried to call or text mes­sage me late­ly, I’m not ignor­ing you. My (near­ly new!) cell phone fell into my cof­fee mug some­how over the hol­i­day. I’m still not sure how I man­aged that lit­tle act of grace, but the fresh hot mug of Suisse Mocha killed the phone very effi­cient­ly. Thank heav­ens for cell phone insur­ance! The insur­er had a back­o­rder on the only decent mod­el they’re offer­ing at the moment, though, so I’ve been phone-less for a bit. I should have the new phone Mon­day or Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “SBQ, Heat, Cell Phone

  1. Guilt free January?

    What a bril­liant idea! 

    *runs off to haul things out of box­es and start*

  2. You two keep teas­ing me with the TW designs! Naughty, naughty wenches!

    When are you com­ing down for a stitch-in, anyway?

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