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I want it.

All three doctor’s appointments went well. Katie and I have switched to seeing the doctor who has been managing G’s medication recently. I was every bit as impressed with her as Sam was.

Many of you have heard us praise Emily, our family therapist. We are firmly convinced that if every family had an Emily or someone as marvelous as she is, they would have a far higher opinion of family/couples therapy. She’s a goddess—and she can call bullshit on you in the gentlest manner I have ever encountered. We miss Emily, but Snellville is too far away now. The new doctor concurred with Emily’s recommendation of a family therapist at the new office, so I made an appointment with her the week after next.

The new office staff seemed more clueful, as well. I hope that’s the case!

Sam and Katie aren’t home from the Girl Scout meeting yet. It takes about an hour to get there or back, so I won’t look for them ’til after 9. I have no idea what we’ll have for dinner, although they will probably have eaten on the road. We need to go shopping! But I think I might take advantage of the relative emptiness of the fridge and freezer to clean them. Yep, that sounds like a plan. Unfortunately, I don’t have the energy to carry it out now. The cat seems wholly disinterested in helping.

The people upstairs are really, really, cross their hearts, moving out by tomorrow. So why on earth have they decided to make me remember all too well why I want them gone tonight? Shouldn’t they be TIRED from moving, for deities’ sake? Shouldn’t they be going to bed early to get up early to LEAVE?

It is my firm belief that apartment dweller or not, your neighbors should never hear any sounds from your residence in theirs unless you are deliberately trying to attract attention because you need help to deal with an emergency.

Katie got the games moved into the guest room today. We made a lot of progress on sorting the books onto their proper shelves, as well. Sam was writing all day, so I didn’t get anything done in the office.

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