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I want it.

All three doc­tor’s appoint­ments went well. Katie and I have switched to see­ing the doc­tor who has been man­ag­ing G’s med­ica­tion recent­ly. I was every bit as impressed with her as Sam was. 

Many of you have heard us praise Emi­ly, our fam­i­ly ther­a­pist. We are firm­ly con­vinced that if every fam­i­ly had an Emi­ly or some­one as mar­velous as she is, they would have a far high­er opin­ion of family/couples ther­a­py. She’s a goddess—and she can call bull­shit on you in the gen­tlest man­ner I have ever encoun­tered. We miss Emi­ly, but Snel­lville is too far away now. The new doc­tor con­curred with Emi­ly’s rec­om­men­da­tion of a fam­i­ly ther­a­pist at the new office, so I made an appoint­ment with her the week after next.

The new office staff seemed more clue­ful, as well. I hope that’s the case!

Sam and Katie aren’t home from the Girl Scout meet­ing yet. It takes about an hour to get there or back, so I won’t look for them ’til after 9. I have no idea what we’ll have for din­ner, although they will prob­a­bly have eat­en on the road. We need to go shop­ping! But I think I might take advan­tage of the rel­a­tive empti­ness of the fridge and freez­er to clean them. Yep, that sounds like a plan. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I don’t have the ener­gy to car­ry it out now. The cat seems whol­ly dis­in­ter­est­ed in helping.

The peo­ple upstairs are real­ly, real­ly, cross their hearts, mov­ing out by tomor­row. So why on earth have they decid­ed to make me remem­ber all too well why I want them gone tonight? Should­n’t they be TIRED from mov­ing, for deities’ sake? Should­n’t they be going to bed ear­ly to get up ear­ly to LEAVE?

It is my firm belief that apart­ment dweller or not, your neigh­bors should nev­er hear any sounds from your res­i­dence in theirs unless you are delib­er­ate­ly try­ing to attract atten­tion because you need help to deal with an emergency.

Katie got the games moved into the guest room today. We made a lot of progress on sort­ing the books onto their prop­er shelves, as well. Sam was writ­ing all day, so I did­n’t get any­thing done in the office.

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