Well, That Was Fun. Not Really.

I feel like I’ve dri­ven across the state when I real­ly spent very lit­tle time in the car today—for an Atlantan. We went to see Katie’s doc­tor, fill­ing out the inevitable “It’s Jan­u­ary!” paper­work. Do they think peo­ple always move from one Jan­u­ary to the next, or what? I mean, when we sign in, there’s […]

Tweets for 12-12-2007

23:06 @sam­bear­po­et sur­prised me and the girl with Blue­tooth head­sets! Then he made mine work with my phone, even! # 23:10 @mar­cben­ton From what I hear, you aren’t alone :-) # 23:29 @texasdave777 So why was­n’t your wife laugh­ing just sa hard? # 23:31 Dear tangomag.com: I’ve nev­er vis­it­ed your site before, but I’m unlikely […]

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