Well, That Was Fun. Not Really.

I feel like I’ve driven across the state when I really spent very little time in the car today—for an Atlantan.

We went to see Katie’s doctor, filling out the inevitable “It’s January!” paperwork. Do they think people always move from one January to the next, or what? I mean, when we sign in, there’s a form that asks if there’s been any change in our contact information or insurance, and we say “No,” unless the answer is “Yes,” in which case we ask for the forms so that we can update the records. Apparently current administrative thought is that clients cannot be trusted that far, so they make us do all the forms again every January. In every office. Between me and Katie, that’s a lot of extra forms being filled out for no particular reason.

We picked up prescriptions in two places. We dropped off prescriptions. We went to the bank. We dropped off a utility payment to avoid the electronic payment fee. I know we did something else, but my mind is gone.

Oh! We stopped at Dairy Queen to get the girl a Blizzard, too.

I also made umpty-million phone calls, or again, that’s what it feels like. The Bluetooth headset got much use!

One of Katie’s doctors is out of town “because her mother passed.” For three weeks! Okay, she’s from India, it’s a long way from here. But she doesn’t have anyone covering for her! Nobody! That’s just insane! I mean, part of being a doctor is having relationships with other doctors so you can cover for each other, right? Or you hire someone from an agency to do it. I happen to know that there are agencies that just cover for doctors who are unavailable. Her office said, “If it’s an emergency, call 911.”

There are some things that are urgent but not 911-worthy, you know? Especially when you’re looking at three weeks before the doctor will even be checking her messages!

We didn’t really “click” with that doctor, but there was inertia. Not any more. I’ll be finding a new doctor to replace her tomorrow.

I also continued my attempts to reach my “Career Services Advisor” for a school assignment. By the end of the semester, I’m supposed to have had “help” with my resume and a cover letter for a specific job. I finally got the name of the right person today, but the other person I’d been directed to first couldn’t be arsed to forward my email to her. So I filled out the forms she wanted me to complete for her (you can’t ask a janitor for directions to the restrooms at DeVry without filling out a form or three) and asked her those questions yet again.

I learned that the “lifetime” career services for DeVry grads are actually limited to six months after graduation. Damn. I do hope my life is much longer than that, or those student loan people will be SOL.

Now Sam is home, we’ve eaten, the girl is out with her current beau, and I have absolutely no reason to think I even need to know where my shoes are for the next 24 hours or so. That means I can take my pain medications again. Yay!

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4 thoughts on “Well, That Was Fun. Not Really.

  1. Good luck with the new doctor! I’ve been very lucky with mine. I’m sorry it was a tough day, but I am glad you’ll be able to recuperate tonight and tomorrow 🙂

  2. Given the number of employers who have plan changes as of 1/1, I’m not surprised that clinics have a ‘tell us everything’ policy for your first visit of the year.

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