Great Date

sam­bear and I went to the Renais­sance Fes­ti­val today! It was wonderful.

I did­n’t feel like going this morn­ing. That’s usu­al­ly my worst time of day. But I knew that if I had to wimp out dur­ing the vis­it, Sam is the only per­son in the world who tru­ly would understand.

I’m glad I did go. We had a love­ly time. The peo­ple-watch­ing, as usu­al, was one of the best parts of the day. We caught a so-so per­former of “protest songs” at the pub, then walked all the way around the Fes­ti­val. We stopped to eat about mid­way through. Sam actu­al­ly won­dered how much it would cost the wan­der­ing “min­strel” there to shut up.

Sam got a love­ly new shirt. I did­n’t man­age to get a good pho­to of him in it, but I’ll try again. We looked for a hat but did­n’t find exact­ly the right one.

I found a pen­ta­cle I don’t mind wear­ing, too. Most of them are too huge or just look tacky. This one is del­i­cate sil­ver, wire-wrapped, with a tiny hematite bead.

And, of course, we bought cin­na­mon almonds. Those are an impor­tant part of the Fes­ti­val experience.

I’m exhaust­ed and sore, but hap­py. We don’t have real dates often enough.

I expect to be total­ly use­less tomor­row, but our sched­ule is fair­ly clear.

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