I Paid Someone to Hurt Me Today

Lots, even. For a couple of hours.

Yep, I had my legs waxed.

The bikini area is still very, very sore, and this better last a good long time or I’ll be Unhappy. But right now—mmm, I love how smooth and silky my legs feel!

I felt a bit self-conscious, as I’d not shaved for a while in order to prepare for the waxing. I kept feeling like someone was going to say, “Oh my god, lady! We’ll have to charge you extra!” or something like that.

The gal on the next table put me to ease on that, though we never saw each other. The gal working on her had to go get scissors and do some trimming before waxing anything!

And that Brazilian thing? I can’t begin to imagine it. Nuh-unh, no way.

Katie and I both had spa manicures/pedicures, and she had a lovely facial while waiting for me.

All of that for less than getting my hair cut and colored at Three-13 because we went to a school where advanced students do the work. We tipped well, too.

We’ll keep going to Three-13 to get our hair done, but I see far more manicures in our future now that they’re so much more affordable. I’m a frugal hedonist, I am.

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