Why Am I Seeing Red?

I went to bed, leaving the computer on because I was in the middle of something.

I got up to find everything displayed washed in red.


I haven’t had a display problem like this since 1992 or so when I had a crappy Gateway monitor with a proprietary cable that went weird.

I’ve checked all the connections, of course. And the settings. Nothing changed from before, and when I reset the settings to default, it doesn’t fix the problem.

I’m no longer strong enough to move the monitors or the PC around to test and see if it’s the monitor. I don’t think we have a spare video card, either. I’m sure we don’t have a spare monitor.

I guess I’ll have to wake Sam early, as this isn’t really very usable, and I need to finish some stuff today.


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4 thoughts on “Why Am I Seeing Red?

  1. Try reinstalling the video drivers.

    Check vid card if that wasn’t it.

    If it’s the monitor hopefully ya’ll have extras around.

    You still have a working laptop, right?? I think I remember that.

  2. oh yeah, try switching out the cable before you switch monitors; could just be the cable – that’d be the easiest problem 🙂

  3. No laptop here, nope – died a while back 🙁 Needs a new motherboard, and I’m not really inclined to put one in a laptop. But I miss her!

    Sam moved everything around and swapped out the video card, then put the other one back in, and finally found a bad connection. There are several monitor cables daisy-chained together so that I can have the monitor in a spot where I can see it from the recliner (only way I can sit for more than a very few minutes). One of them is replaced and all the connections are extra-secure due to duct tape now!

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