Is There A NaNoReMo?

I think I want a Nation­al Nov­el Read­ing Month. I could do a nov­el a day (as long as I chose the right nov­els, of course). I’m behind on writ­ing reviews, but I’m wal­low­ing unabashed­ly in the num­ber of good reads avail­able to me right now. I’ve tweaked the Now Read­ing wid­get to show up […]

Calling a WordPress Guru

I’m still hav­ing trou­ble with the MySQL data­base for this blog. It’s set up just like every oth­er site we have, but I keep hav­ing odd time­outs and MySQL errors with this instal­la­tion. I was­n’t even able to add books to Now Read­ing for most of the day! I read about some­one else who seemed to […]

Tweets for 11-28-2007

13:59 @susan­reynolds By exam­ple, by giv­ing advice if they ask, and by advo­cat­ing for them as much as they’ll let me. # 14:00 @susan­reynolds One thing I say is, “Would you let some­one treat your child this way? Do you want her to learn from you that it’s ok to a … # 14:00 @susan­reynolds […]

Tweets for 11-27-2007

16:21 @pis­ta­chio I’ve used a cou­ple of things that inter­act with Face­book. You real­ly could­n’t miss the approval process, or do it acci­den­tal­ly. # 16:25 @thoughtout Got the pack­age! I did­n’t real­ize that the PED is actu­al­ly met­al — much stur­dier than I thought! Very nice. # 17:04 @pis­ta­chio That’s noth­ing like the two things […]

Tweets for 11-26-2007

22:35 Just got pic­ture of a baby from a rel­a­tive. Try­ing to find SOMETHING good to say about the poor lit­tle thing oth­er than “Bless her heart.” # 23:19 @ aship­kows­ki Wel­come! *hugs* # 12:44 @jti­moth­yk­ing Male or female? Approx. age? # 12:48 @jti­moth­yk­ing — Ok — aging, wor­ry­ing about whether he’s “over the hill,” […]

More Fun Reading from Carrie Vaughn

I real­ly need­ed anoth­er fic­tion author to fol­low, right? But I’ve seen this series of books about a were­wolf named Kit­ty, and I final­ly got a chance to read them. I fin­ished the first, Kit­ty and the Mid­night Hour, today and jumped right into Kit­ty Goes to Wash­ing­ton. I have Kit­ty Takes a Hol­i­day all […]

Tweets for 11-25-2007

11:59 Tried Spaz. It froze with­in 5 min­utes. Grrr. Back to Tweetr. # 11:59 Already tired of this neck-induced headache. # Fol­low Cyn at Twit­ter   Auto­mat­i­cal­ly shipped by LoudTwitter

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