Lazy Day & Posting Articles

It has been such a lazy day. All our body clocks are completely confused. It’s going to be so hard on Sam to get up Monday morning!

These days have been sweet and uncomplicated. I just had a delightful candlelit bath, with my storyteller staying with me the whole time. I am very, very sleepy now.

I’ve put this off for a time out of sheer laziness, I suppose, but it’s past time to move the rest of the articles on this site into WordPress. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to work through them, but I’ll try to space them out a bit so as not to flood the feed. I’ll try to remember to use the “more” tag, too.

I can’t just dump the HTML into posts or pages, because there’s always something that’s outdated, or that I would put differently now. And, of course, I’m trying to do this migration without leaving a bunch of broken links, which means setting up redirects as I go.

Yes, I know that I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s officially diagnosed and everything. No, there’s nothing you can do or say that will relieve me of the feeling that I had to go through every single article.

Oh. To be more accurate than above, I’ve put this off due to sheer perfectionism. I’m highly susceptible to procrastination for exactly these kinds of reasons.

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One thought on “Lazy Day & Posting Articles

  1. **hugs** I’m looking forward to seeing the articles come through the feed – I’m sure there are some good ones I’ve missed.

    I’m going to have to diligently put myself to bed nice and early today, or I, too, will have a heck of a time waking up on Monday.

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