Movie Overdose

We’ve watched so many movies in the last few weeks that they’re all run­ning togeth­er. We just fin­ished The Trans­form­ers. Yes­ter­day was Baby­lon 5: A Call to Arms (we’d seen that before, of course) and Catch Me If You Can. Some day before that was Har­ry Pot­ter & the Pris­on­er of Azk­a­ban as well as […]

I Have Done More Than Twittering!

For one thing, I have sev­er­al draft posts sit­ting around here, but I haven’t been able to stay focused long enough to fin­ish any of them. Sam caught some kind of flu-like crud, which Katie and I both caught, of course. Now he seems to be get­ting it again, which is gross­ly unfair. Poor bear! The girl […]

Tweets for 12-22-2007

17:41 I’m con­fused. Yes­ter­day Tweetr start­ed putting wrong avatars next to posts. I know @MarinaMartin is not @ChrisBrogan, and now @texasdave … # 17:41 but now @texasdave777 has @acomputerpro’s face # 17:43 @mari­na­martin Gah! There it goes again! Mebbe so. # 17:46 @chum­worth I’ll be impressed when it makes them BE good :-) # 17:54 […]

Tweets for 12-21-2007

17:11 @aka­mon­ty About dra­ma — some­times true, some­times not. Ex-hus­band burned out my dra­ma tol­er­ance cir­cuits. I just don’t put up with it/ha … # 17:11 Hel­lo world. This is the only safe social­iz­ing for me — girl and I have The Crud. # 17:13 What is hulu? # 17:15 @aka­Mon­ty I can agree with […]

Tweets for 12-13-2007

16:40 Twit­ter won’t let me fol­low Phi­lAC. Keep hit­ting “Fol­low” but­ton, page reloads, but­ton is still there. ? # 16:41 But hi to him and the oth­er new folks :-) Sor­ry, can’t brain today. Few tweets to lessen embar­rass­ment. # 16:42 Oh — that works. Thanks, @sambearpoet. # 16:46 @con­niecros­by Could we have more plots, […]

Tweets for 12-12-2007

23:06 @sam­bear­po­et sur­prised me and the girl with Blue­tooth head­sets! Then he made mine work with my phone, even! # 23:10 @mar­cben­ton From what I hear, you aren’t alone :-) # 23:29 @texasdave777 So why was­n’t your wife laugh­ing just sa hard? # 23:31 Dear I’ve nev­er vis­it­ed your site before, but I’m unlikely […]

Tweets for 12-11-2007

22:02 New blog entry: Tweets for Today # 12:45 @pis­ta­chio Don’t you have to Twit­ter in French while you’re there? Are the lan­guage police after you? # 12:54 @mar­cben­ton Sounds like some­one I need to fol­low! @shashib, what do you think? # 13:08 @chris­bro­gan What are serv­ing sug­ges­tions for life? # 13:09 @chris­bro­gan Yes, […]

Things you don’t want to hear at home

“You look nice, but where are your pants?” Espe­cial­ly AFTER the girl already answered the door dressed that way! Mom & Sam rul­ing: Yeah, it may be a tunic, and mar­ket­ed for wear over “leg­gings,” but we think “leg­gings” would have to be much heav­ier than tights, mean­ing if we can see hints of skin, you need pants. […]

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