I woke up with the non-pregnancy version of morning sickness this morning, for no obvious reason. Gah.

The family kindly let me sleep it off. Now I’m taking shadowkatt to do her yearly standardized testing. We’ll have dinner after that (or she’ll have dinner), then she has dance classes. Spending time with her will be good!

Yesterday I mostly rested, too. Hmph. I’m not happy about this trend, though I know I am VERY lucky to be able to do that. I did get the girl to dance, and even ran a couple of errands while she was there. Then we raced home to meet the insurance agent who’s doing our life insurance policies.

The guy could not get over Karli. He kept saying, “She’s really big. She’s huge. She’s like a horse.” 😉

Yep. And she couldn’t get enough attention, so Sam finally had to order her to go lay down so we could actually read anything the agent brought with him.

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