Sunday Night

Yes, I’m boring. I hate trying to think of titles for posts.

The girl is off visiting, having left yesterday afternoon. Her cat is frantic. He is very much attached to HER, not US. So whenever she leaves the house, he goes nuts, gets terribly anxious, and is certain that she’ll never, ever come back. He spends most of his time sitting in the front windows or sniffing under the front door, trying to detect her return.

Shelley never freaked like that, but then Katie visited Atlanta once a week pretty much every week from the time she was a few weeks old ’til they moved here with me. She knew the girl would always come back. And Shelley was with me for a year before Katie was born, and attached to both of us. Kioshi is just a one-person cat. I should make that a one-girl cat, as he isn’t big on males at all.

I read the first of Laura Anne Gilman’s Retriever novels, Staying Dead. Fun stuff, and I think many of you would enjoy it. Then I went on to Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Katie was so excited about it that I had to see what the big deal was. She finished that huge sucker in a day or so. I took a little longer, but then I wasn’t the one checking the library’s hold queue several times a day.

I can see why the series is such a huge hit with some teenage girls, but I don’t think it will carry nearly as much popularity with any other age group or males, period. There’s too much “oh, I’m bad for you” angsting from the vampire (male romantic lead). Seriously–he beats David Boreanz’s Angel all to pieces on the brooding, and that takes some doing.

The main character, Bella, is annoying to me because she’s pretty damned useless. She honestly can’t be trusted to walk down a hallway with no obstacles without hurting herself. She’s not creative or particularly intelligent, shows no particular talents of any sort–a beige person, in my mind. What’s there to like?

I took a break and read Curse The Dark (second of the Retriever series) before starting New Moon, but I did start it. And damn, it’s even more emotionally dramatic.

I’m not sure I’ll read the other two books whenever we get hold of them (I’m not sure the fourth is even out yet). I know that Katie will, though. The series isn’t written badly, but I’m way out of the target audience.

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