Vampyres of Hollywood Review is Up

The review is more detailed than what I post­ed here. 

TCM is pret­ty cool if you’re will­ing to read new books by unproven authors and review them. Hope, you’d prob­a­bly do real­ly well with it–lots of them are eBooks, which I have trou­ble with read­ing on a screen. They have sep­a­rate mail­ing lists to find review­ers for “adult” and “gen­er­al” pub­li­ca­tions, as well as sep­a­rate lists for the reviews them­selves. If you’re will­ing to review adult mate­r­i­al, I’ve got­ten the feel­ing that they have a dif­fi­cult time find­ing enough peo­ple for that side.

This is the first book I’ve actu­al­ly reviewed for them. I start­ed to review an adult nov­el, but could­n’t get past the first few pages for all the mechan­i­cal errors. They had no prob­lem with it, no fusses.

I think many of the review­ers are authors because if you’re a review­er, you can get your own work reviewed and fea­tured, free.

Edit: Their site is gone, so here’s the review:

Every­body knows that Ovsan­na Moore is third-gen­er­a­tion Hol­ly­wood royalty—beautiful, intel­li­gent, and pow­er­ful, head of her very own stu­dio. She doesn’t just act, but writes, directs, and pro­duces her own films.

What the world does not know is that Ovsan­na has been around since before Cal­i­for­nia was “set­tled,” and that she’s the Chate­laine of Hollywood—every vam­pire there must answer to her. When a Vampyre Hunter starts killing in her ter­ri­to­ry, her respon­si­bil­i­ty is to stop him. It will be the end of her long life if she doesn’t end the hunt (and the Hunter) quick­ly and quietly.

Peter King, the police detec­tive assigned to the case, is under pres­sure to get what the media are call­ing the “Cin­e­ma Slay­er” shut down imme­di­ate­ly. If he doesn’t, his career is over.

I laughed out loud sev­er­al times while read­ing, and that’s always a good sign. The char­ac­ters as drawn could prob­a­bly have fig­ured things out more quick­ly than they did with a lit­tle more basic detec­tive work (like, oh, inter­view­ing every­one involved), or at least it seemed that way to me. The Hol­ly­wood atmos­phere and ref­er­ences cer­tain­ly felt “true,” show­ing Barbeau’s expe­ri­ences to good advantage.

If you’re look­ing for a light, fast, and fun­ny read, Vampyres of Hol­ly­wood fits the bill. It doesn’t ask you to do any deep thought, and while the mur­ders are hor­rif­ic, the authors don’t dwell on the gore. There’s real­ly not that much of the para­nor­mal going on for most of the book (oth­er than the exis­tence of the undead), so Vampyres might be a good choice as an intro­duc­tion for read­ers new to the genre.

Vampyres of Hol­ly­wood by Adri­enne Bar­beau and Michael Scott

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