Weird Dreams

What is it with people having weird dreams lately?

I had one last night that was even weird for me (and that’s going a far piece). My parents had moved to a new house, but something was wrong with it so they moved back to the house where I mostly grew up, in Tucker. They built on to it in ways that honestly wouldn’t fit on that property. (Maybe because I’ve been thinking about the addition for the Castle?) Anyway, I can’t begin to describe the addition, but it was in the basement, and getting to it required very weird acrobatics. I was terrified for Daddy’s sake, because I knew that his back just can’t take that sort of thing.

Katie’s room was occupied by a cousin who was staying with them for a while (something that does happen frequently). Odd thing, though, this cousin is actually about to have her first baby, but in the dream, she was maybe 7 at the most. Katie was about the same age. (She’s the cousin whose father died a few months back. That’s Daddy’s side of the family, and it’s Daddy’s brother who just had a stroke, so it’s possible that there’s a connection there.)

My brother was gibbering. I mean really, just talking away at random. Say what you will about him, he hasn’t ever been one to babble. It just isn’t in him.

I couldn’t get my eyes completely open during the dream, and I was really upset about something. I was trying to find my keys and car and leave, but I couldn’t see well enough. My eyes seemed full of sleep, and I just couldn’t wake up completely.

Come to think of it, my eyes felt like they did when I wore the extended wear contacts and slept in them—before I put in the required eye drops. (Maybe that was related to the fact that I was supposed to go to the eye doctor this morning for a contact lens exam.)

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