I enjoyed GaFilk so much that now I want to go to other cons. I certainly want to go to GaFilk again next year, and now that I know about the dance I’ll use it as an excuse to get all dressed up, too.

My prior con experience was limited to DragonCon. I think I want to give it another try this year, but it’s really too big for me. sambear has told me that I’d enjoy smaller cons much more, especially if they’re focused more on books than the big media stuff. I do believe he’s quite right.

I don’t travel terribly well. I’m a homebody. So I figure I’d best stick with cons in the southeast (for now, at least).

I know many of you have far more con-going experience than I do—so which cons do you recommend?

As for DragonCon, I’m torn. I know shadowkatt absolutely loves it. It isn’t very family-friendly, though. And as she grows more and more beautiful every day, the thought of having her wandering about DragonCon without armed guards of fierce relatives is more and more terrifying to me. She could run with a pack of her friends, I suppose, but most of them are other young hotties. They’re likely to attract even more attention from dirty old men (and women) together than alone.

I’m babbling, aren’t I? Perhaps I should have eaten something before taking the meds. Breakfast would be a good idea.

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