Shared Calendars & Individual Reminders

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There are three people (soon to be four) in our household. We all have PDAs. We all have very busy schedules. The only way we’ve found to keep up with our schedules is to use one shared calendar to which we all synchronize on our separate computers from work/home/school. Not as good as having separate calendars that we can look at together on each PDA, but we’re bumbling along.

But I want to set up reminders, and they’re for things that everybody else won’t want reminders of. For instance, I need to remember to leave 15 minutes before sambear‘s bus is scheduled to arrive so he won’t be left standing around in the cold. That’s a reminder that’s only useful to me, so nobody else’s PDA should be beeping at them about it.

Any suggestions?

(I still find it very surprising that there are no good shared calendar solutions for PDAs.)

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