Another Tarot Reading About College

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What’s with all the nines?
Your Question: Should I go back to school ASAP?

Main (positional) Meaning:
When each member of a group becomes self-directing, hierarchies can be transformed and the situation organized in a more egalitarian way.

The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.

The Nine of Wands in this position suggests that a situation may call for re-organization. The current structure of a group may actually be damaging the leadership it depends upon for survival. The person who has been keeping everybody motivated and on track would be best served by taking some time off to rest and regenerate.

The ideal solution is for each participant to become as self-directing as possible. This will actually be an evolutionary step in the group’s consciousness. The leaders or role models are not as vulnerable to criticism from those they have been trying to inspire and direct. Now, instead of one person being the hero, everybody can share both the responsibilities and the rewards.

Main (positional) Meaning:
Accept some accolades and rest after your accomplishments.

The card that lands in the Challenges/Opportunities position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.

With the Nine of Cups in this position, take a well-deserved rest. Accept the rewards, which include time off for rejuvenation, but don’t forget the motivation that carried you to this victorious place. Sometimes we are tempted to rest on our laurels, but vigilance is required to maintain the position you have so recently won.

Continue to tend and cultivate your success. In some illustrated versions of this card, the Nine of Cups portrays a tavern owner setting up casks of ale on a Saturday night. The tavern is full. He knows he’s making money, but that doesn’t lure him from behind the bar; he is still working. Grinning, he knows that as long as he keeps everyone happy, well-fed, and their glasses full, his cash register fills too. He isn’t expecting to retire to a life of ease. With this example in mind, continue your good work.

Main (positional) Meaning:
Freed from uncertainty about your future, you can develop your talents and enjoy greater abundance.

The card in the Self position reveals aspects of how you perceive yourself right now.

The Nine of Coins in this position indicates liberation from survival fears, freedom from worry and uncertainty. The traditional image shows a person who has enough, is taken care of, whose needs are supported. The abundance she enjoys allows her the freedom to be herself and cultivate her natural talents and interests.

This is a wonderfully optimistic card that says you are starting from a well-supported position. Somehow you have placed yourself in a flow of abundance. The question is “What are you going to do with this opportunity?”

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